Power Plate® Functional Training for your Body, Mind & Soul...

The technology used by Power Plate® has been used since 1960’s to assist astronauts  recover lost muscle mass after the conditions of being in space.  It is now used world wide by athletes like Rafael Nadal, Fabian Cancellara, German Natianol Liega, celebrities like Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Heidi Klum, Claudia Schiffer, Marcus Schenkenberg and within the fitness and physiotherapy industries. 

With two sessions per week will give you noticeable changes in the body!


Bands, Gymsticks, Massage balls, Pilatesrings, Steps, T-Bow, TRX, etc.



All deep muscles, bones, coordination, flexibiliy, joints, stability, etc.


Body awareness, circulation, lymphsystem, posture, etc.

Training ca. 30min.
Massage ca.  5min.
Trial Workout     Sfr.   20.-
Single Workout  Sfr.   45.-
10 classes abo    Sfr. 420.-
20 classes abo    Sfr. 780.- 
 *10-30% Discount (for students, Legi, etc.)
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